Long Haul Dark Fiber

Long haul typically relates to fiber that runs between major city pairs. Allied Fiber offered long term, long haul routes to clients via three primary options: 20 Year IRU, Lease-to-IRU and Monthly Lease.

Allied Fiber has completed the first leg of its Southeast route to Jacksonville and it set to complete the full segment to Atlanta by June 2015.

  • Miami, FL to Jacksonville, FL
  • Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA

20-year IRU Option

This option allows Allied Fiber's clients to enter into a 20-year Indefeasible Right to Use (IRU) dark fiber in the routes described above. The basic terms of the lease includes: (i) a one-time payment (with some portion due at the time of lease execution and the balance due at the time of delivery), and (ii) annual recurring payments for Operations and Maintenance (O&M).

Lease-to-IRU Option

This option allows Allied Fiber's clients to enter into a long-haul lease for a 12, 24 or 36-month term to use dark fiber in the routes with an option to convert the lease into a 20-year IRU at the end of the initial term. During the lease term clients make monthly payments to Allied Fiber for the right to use dark fiber and normal maintenance. At the end of the lease term clients have an option to pay a one-time fee for the full 20-year IRU and then make annual recurring payments for O&M.

Network Operators

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Prefer operational and financial control of network. Dark fiber is a more customizable solution over lit services.


Access to a private network for unparalleled security.

Content Provider

Provides low cost network startup opportunities for the next Twitter or Facebook

Local Broadband Provider

Need connectivity to regional and long haul fiber networks. Distance from these networks is the key cost driver. Proximity to rural areas.

Subsea Network

Strengthen international infrastructure in the US

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