Short Haul Dark Fiber

Allied Fiber’s short haul fiber routes were designed to be accessed every 60-miles through handholes along the route for the purpose of adding or dropping off network services in a particular area.

Short haul fiber serves those users that need fiber only in an intermediate area typically for local access to a Allied Fiber colocation facility. Short haul dark fiber benefits local network operators by being optimized for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

With the addition of the short haul dark fiber product in each Allied Fiber route segment, there are many new potential customers that could not previously be serviced by the long haul fiber cable model of the past.

User groups

Some of the user groups include:

  • Enterprise businesses
  • Local business offices: sales, manufacturing, headquarters
  • Government agencies, such as Department of Transportation (DOT) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
  • Research and educational institutions
  • School systems, University campuses
  • Wireless carriers / providers
  • Mobile network providers, backhaul providers

Within each of these groups, there are several potential users and even more applications that further drive the need for fiber for each of them. Although each of these groups has an immediate need for fiber, the wireless group has probably one of the most significant immediate needs.

Short-Haul Route Segments

The first build-out includes the following route, now available:

  • Miami, FL to Jacksonville, FL

The following routes are being built and will also be available to customers in the future:

  • Atlanta, GA to Ashburn, VA
  • Ashburn, VA to New York, NY
  • Ashburn, VA to Chicago, IL

Network Operators

Choose your category to learn more.


Prefer operational and financial control of network. Dark fiber is a more customizable solution over lit services.


Access to a private network for unparalleled security.

Content Provider

Provides low cost network startup opportunities for the next Twitter or Facebook

Local Broadband Provider

Need connectivity to regional and long haul fiber networks. Distance from these networks is the key cost driver. Proximity to rural areas.

Subsea Network

Strengthen international infrastructure in the US

Are you a network operator, but do not fit the categories above? Contact us, and let us know what type of work you do.